Turnstiles of Life

Контент 16+ In my English class last night way up high in the Imperia Tower of Moscow City, we discussed the subject of "Change." This particular group of three students (one of whom will be studying at Columbia University in New York next year) offered many sharp and vivid insights -- as is their custom -- but they are in one way lucky to remain ignorant, and that has to … Read the rest

Going to Meet the Man (The 1960’s – 2nd part)

Second part. First part is here.

On 28 August, 1963, I came home from somewhere one mid-afternoon. The new school year hadn't started, so the early part of the day remains a blank. Except that I was in Charleston, West Virginia, and we lived in a big ramshackle white house at the end of a dead-end street way up in the hills.

    When I walked through the door, our … Read the rest